Fretboard Legends

10 August 2009

By diverge

One feature that’s been requested is the ability to show more note information on a fretboard – wouldn’t it be great if you could show more than just ONE of note name, interval or fingering?! Well, soon you CAN! Not ONE but TWO! (“Mwa haha! I love to count!” 8)

We call this new upcoming feature Fretboard Legends. Sorry if you were expecting something about Hendrix, Paul Gilbert, Pat Martino, or Birelli Lagrene etc!The next release of Neck Diagrams, v1.5, will have a Legend tab which will allow you to show additional note info at the end of the fretboard, where the strings end. Here’s an example on a chord box type of fretboard, already showing fingerings:

Here you can see the Legend Type drop down. If we select Notes from the list, this is what happens:

We’ve now got note names for each string! What’s even cooler and not so obvious from the pics above is that the fretboard itself hasn’t resized – we’ve kept it the same size and have extended the overall size to include the legend area! We’re planning on adding this little piece of ‘automagic’ to the other fretboard “decorations”, i.e. the fretboard title and the fret numberings.

And what about horizontal fretboards? And what if there’s more than one note on a string? You got it!

Hopefully you’ll find this useful!

If you have any cool ideas then let us know! You never know, your idea might make it into a release!

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